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John Horton



John Horton

John specialises in large watercolour paintings depicting birds in landscape. These are inspired from observation and field sketches and the picture is developed through a free drawing process in the studio, which is then refined to the finished work using all available reference for accuracy and detail.

John travels widely and always has a sketchbook and camera at the ready to capture the events that will form the heart of a new picture. His art covers a wide variety of subject matter from general landscape and wildlife through to animal portraiture. Watercolour is John’s favourite medium for its softness and subtlety but he also works in acrylic, oil and pencil.

John Horton Dozing Dipper

Dozing Dipper by John Horton

John Horton Le Coq a Chez Fely

Le Coq a Chez Fely by John Horton

John Horton Puffins Isle of May

Puffins Isle of May by John Horton

John Horton Venturing Forth

Venturing Forth by John Horton